Connecting the Portogram CD Player and Microphones to the club portable speaker

There are several ways to connect  the Portogram portable CD player, the club fixed and wireless microphones and the PS50 portable speaker.  The speaker is essentially a mono speaker with a high power output and inputs for both line in and mic in each of which is controlled by a separate volume control. In the simple configuration the microphones can be used interchangeably. However its also possible to use the speaker to mix both of the microphones. These are the most common connections using the club cables.


The Portogram and one mic connected to the portable speaker.

The one we normally use.



PH-porto porto_outTo connect this up and get it working, firstly connect the Portogram “phones” output which is a 3.5mm jack on the back of the Player to the red and white  music in connections on the speaker using the mini jack to phono lead. Set the Volume on the Player to approximately 30 DSC_0004 and adjust the top volume control  knob on the speaker box to give the required volume. That is te music sorted out.



set_minTS-TS To use the wireless mic, connect the 1/4” jack connection from the wireless mic to the mic input on the speaker using the 1/4” jack to 1/4” jack lead.  Now, on the right front of the wireless mic receiver box pop out the volume control and set the volume to minimum (fully anti-clockwise). Turn on the mic and test the volume compared to the music. Adjust the lower volume control on the speaker to get the correct balance between music and speech.

To use the mic with a cable,  the method is the same, except you need to attach the 3.5-14” adaptor to the fixed mic cable then plug it into the mic input on the speaker and adjust the volume as needed.  Obviously you can’t walk as far away from the speaker in this case.


plug_portomicWhen you have finished the connections on the speaker will look like this.

If there are times when you’re using just the music,  turn the volume on the mic down to minimum.




bothmic-spkUsing two microphones connected to the portable speaker.

 ie using both the wired and cordless mic




set_maxUsing the Mono single phono to twin phone lead (black to red & white) plug the jack to phono adaptor into the single phone end to  make a lead like this that will connect a mono 1/4” jack from the output of the wireless microphone to the red and white input on the speaker. On the right front of the wireless box pop out the volume control and set the volume to maximum (fully clockwise). Now turn on the mic and test the volume. To adjust the volume change the top volume setting on the speaker which is called “music



Now attach the wired mic to the 1/4” jack socket in the usual way. Connecting the Using 3.5-14” adaptor to the mic cable, plug it into the mic input on the speaker and adjust the volume as needed.

There are now two mics connected to the speaker with independent volume levels to allow for users who speak at different volumes.

Connecting the Wireless mic to a stage amplifier

For public performances where a stage PA is available.

Most stage PAs have an input called XLR. This is very common and allows longer cables to be used in busy places without interference. The Club mic comes with a short XLR to XLR cables and that can be used as it is or connected to an extension lead.   This XLR will then connect t the stage PA. The setup is exactly the same, but with much better quality of the voice.   Take care when doing this to walk around the whole arena and check that there is no feedback ( Load howling ).

Adjusting the wireless mic

Adjusting the wireless mic is fairly simple.

  1. wirelessfrontConnect the power supply and cables as above and turn on
  2. channelSelect the same channel on the mic back pack and the front of the wireless receiver
  3. Place the receiver where it can see the whole floor where the speaker will be walking. Obviously higher up and with a clear view of the walking area is best, but we have found that because it has two aerials, it works really quite well in crowded situations so don’t worry if you cant find the best place.
  4. Set the antenna on the wireless receiver to vertical.
  5. adjust_screwdriver With the person using the mic talking in the way they will talk during the show remove the battery cover and use the small screwdriver end to adjust the small grey trimmer until you just occasionally see a red light flash on the right hand side of the wireless base unit. Then replace the battery cover. For most uses about half way is fine.
  6. Now test the coverage over the whole floor to make sure it is working well enough.
  7. If coverage is not good, make sure there are as few things between the mic and the receiver as possible and keep the receiver away from metal boxes etc.

There is usually a few part used batteries in the case, if you are doing a critical show ( like beating retreat) then use a new battery each time. otherewise just use the battery that is alreay in use as they do last a long time.

If your interested in the wireless mic technology, it is a  AKG WMS40 PRO Sports Set FLEXX Wireless. Which uses the two antennas to give better reception at range where people and things are getting in the way of the radio signal.

The User manuals are all available online or you can see a local copy here . RX-ED50  SR-40 Receiver  PT-40 Transmitter  Head mi

Head Mic  Packed into the case Packing the Wireless mic into the box

The foam in the case has been cut specially to allow the head mic and the cable to sit in the box. When putting the mic in the case, always remove the mic from the belt clip so that it does not sit in there and corrode the case. (Its not usually a problem, but better to be safe than sorry)






Using an ipod with the Portogram player

DSC_0020Its sometimes easier to use an ipod with pre-prepared tracks and play this through the Portogram player. To do this you need a line-out adaptor for the ipod. This is connected to the AUX input  of the Portogram and the DSC_9999volume of the player set to whatever is required in the normal way.   This method of connection is preferred to using a simple jack cable between the headphone jack and the aux in.

If it is desired to connect the iphone / ipod to the portable speaker then a line out to phono adaptor is required or if easier the same output lead used with the Portogram can be used and connected to the headphone socket of the ipod.