WEB site – downloading dance instructions

For all of our main dances we now have links to the cribs, diagrams and videos.

Guidelines for finding and downloading a dance programme:

Click on the entry relating to the particular dance you are interested in.

Click on the link below where it says “the dances will be.

This will show a page from Strathspey server relating to the dance you selected. Along the top it gives you the option of cribs, diagrams and videos.

If for example you want cribs – you then click on cribs.

PDF type size gives you the option of eye friendly or tree friendly.

Then click download which is the blue button, top right

Answer open.

Then file, save as.

This will produce a PDF similar to the one send out with Newsreel.

Then print out to the size you want eg 2 sheets to the pages, you can even feed the sheet through again and do back to back.

If you have any problems please email me on danceforfun@btinternet.com

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